Debunking Dojo Toolkit Myths

Monday, October 27th, 2008 @ 2:05 pm | filed under: 'Industry' News, 3rd Party Libraries

Dylan Schiemann has a long article on Debunking Dojo Toolkit Myths that’s worth a read.

Debunking Dojo Toolkit Myths
The Dojo Toolkit has been around for over four years, and has undergone significant changes, both big and small, in becoming a great JavaScript toolkit. This article debunks myth and outdated assumptions (both fair and false) applied to Dojo over its four plus years of development.

I’ve written at great length about why I choose MooTools and after reading Dylan’s post I find myself thinking what I was saying previously. To quote from a previous posting:

And this, finally, led me to the third big thing. The thing that reaffirms my choice of MooTools. All the frameworks out there are increasingly becoming very similar to each other at the edges. I.E. they all eventually look something like this:

[javascript] fetch(element).verb(details).verb(details).verb(details)[/javascript]

The only real difference is terminology. One framework might use $, another might do something like, oh, Y.get, or jQuery(id), followed by different verbs that are synonymous with the next framework. At the edges, they all do the same thing. This is because we all see good patterns in each others’ work and incorporate it – again, we’re all working against the same thing – the browsers – for the same purpose.

But where they are different is deep down in the core.

Dylan’s post does a great job debunking a bunch of myths about Dojo. Again I find myself thinking that the framework teams are indeed on the same side and which framework is right for you is determined more by your own sense of style than anything else. That style is increasingly less evident at the edges, as I put it above. It’s the core of these frameworks that have the interesting bits.

A few months ago I put it on my list to learn more about jQuery. I feel that I can notch that off my to-do list (though I’m no expert certainly). Now I think I need to go spend more time with Dojo. I’m not looking for a replacement for MooTools or anything, just some new ideas.

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