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Bootstrap 3.0, Clientcide 3.1.0, Behavior 1.3.0, and More Behaviors 1.0.8

Saturday, August 31st, 2013 @ 11:55 am | filed under: Code Releases

It’s update time! The good news is that most of these changes are non-breaking. Specifically, all of the changes except Bootstrap. Bootstrap 3.0 came out a week or two ago and I’ve updated my MooTools Bootstrap implementation to match it. Bootstrap itself changed the way that the modals work and that forced a breaking change in my library. It’s not so bad though; you can just define “Bootstrap.version = 2″ in your code and you’ll get the old setup.

If you want to see all this stuff in action, just mosey on over to and check it out. Be sure to select the “Bootstrap” option from the select list at the top if you want to see that stuff. Here’s the demo of all the Bootstrap stuff.


Clientcide 3.1.0

  • Fixes #87 – Stickywin.Ajax update error
  • Correction of options and cachedRequest.
  • Corrected offset.
  • Fixes #88 – StickyWin.UI with non-integer width options
  • removing redundant option definition
  • Updated version string 3.0.10 > 3.0.12
  • Removed unused var left. Removed unnessecary semicolons (the right ones this time).
  • Changed mask style background color to official camel case, to prevent default option overwrite problems.
  • Removed unnessecary semicolon.
  • Add click event for hideOnClick, only if necessary.
  • Check for this.visible to prevent accidently mutliple execution of hide (close, destroy)
  • Adding cookie option to Tabswapper behavior
  • Adding TabSwapper.Hash
  • Adding ability for links that reference a section with a #href name to change the tabs.
  • fixing reference error in tabs / hash work
  • tabswapper’s reference to its tabs is an Array, not an Elements collection
  • Fixing dependency for MooHash; fixing destroy handler for Tabswapper.Hash when the hash option isn’t in use.

Behavior 1.3.0

  • adding getElement and getElements helpers to the api object.
  • Fixing Delegator specs; small typo in expect statement.

More Behaviors 1.0.8

  • removing useless function wrapper
  • Updating Delegator.Ajax to allow for setting method of AJAX call.
  • Adding logic to prevent forms in FormRequest submitting w/o ajax if their `.submit` method is called. Adding some controls to prevent flooding if this happens.
  • Adding the textOverride option to the OverText behavior api
  • not using the element setter for Fx.Reveal so that it doesn’t reset the state of the class.
  • Adding loadOnce to Ajax delegator.
  • Adding option to HtmlTable Behavior to specify reverse sort on startup.
  • Adding the ability to encode content into an Ajax request as well as the ability to throttle an Ajax Delegator.
  • Allow addRemoveClass delegator to target multiple elements.

Bootstrap 3.0

  • new class: Bootstrap.Affix and the associated behavior
  • Popovers (and tooltips if you like) can now have their ‘trigger’ option set to ‘click’ which allows you to show them on click instead of mouseover if you like.
  • Delegator.BS.ShowPopup now allows you to just use a #href reference to the id of the popup to show.
  • Dropdown now allows for you to have its behavior on the Dropdown itself instead of a container.
  • Bootstrap.Popup now expects that the layout matches Bootstrap 3. *This is a breaking change* but compatibility has been left in place for Bootstrap 2. For this to work, you must set `Bootstrap.version = 2` in your code.
  • Bootstrap.Popover’s offset defaults are now zero unless `Bootstrap.version` == 2
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One Response to “Bootstrap 3.0, Clientcide 3.1.0, Behavior 1.3.0, and More Behaviors 1.0.8”

  1. Richard Roque Says:

    Thank you very much! I thought I will be sad knowing that there’s no Mootools implementation for Bootstrap3. But here you are.. Thank you again :)