MooTools Bootstrap 2.0

Monday, February 20th, 2012 @ 2:27 pm | filed under: Uncategorized

Twitter’s Bootstrap continues to bring the awesome and I’m falling behind. The 2.0 version of Bootstrap (which is not backwards compatible) brings a lot of great refinements and consistencies as well as a few new features. In particular, the JavaScript features continue to grow at a lovely pace.

Alas, it’s all jQuery stuff, which is fine if you aren’t already using MooTools (really, if you just want Bootstrap and nothing else, use jQuery). But if you’re hooked on MooTools and want to use Bootstrap 2.0, I’m apparently still the only game in town.

So what’s new in MooTools Bootstrap? Mostly just support for all the breaking changes in Bootstrap 2.0. If you’ve already got a project running Bootstrap, you don’t need to upgrade unless you want some of the new features there (like the flexible layouts for mobile and whatnot.

Updating for Bootstrap 2.0

  • All the “*.Twipsy” files are now “*.Tooltip” to reflect the change in Bootstrap
  • Numerous conventions changed in Bootstrap 2.0. In particular things like tabs, tables, and dropdowns now prefix their component name to all their classes (table-striped instead of zebra-striped, “btn btn-primary” instead of “btn primary”)
  • Added support for drop down lists in tabs

9 Responses to “MooTools Bootstrap 2.0”

  1. hartum Says:

    We missed you :’-)

  2. Tonio Says:

    Great, thanks! (-:
    Any plans to include Typeahead?

  3. Aaron N. Says:

    Not immediately. Maybe in a few weeks. I do accept pull requests!

  4. Oleg Says:

    What is the MooTools?

  5. Aaron N. Says:

    MooTools is a JavaScript framework. This release implements some of Bootstrap’s interactive features with that framework.

  6. Nachiket Says:

    Was thinking of doing it by extending Mootools Bootstrap,
    But after going through code, It turned out to be much bigger task(may be because of my moo/javascript skills) then anticipated.

  7. Aaron N. Says:

    Doing what? Adding support for type ahead?

  8. AB Says:

    Great to see an implementation of Bootstrap using mooTools. Just one question Aaron, I had a quick look at the page code which seemed to load jQuery still. Am I wrong or is this not a replacement for jQuery but an abstraction layer meaning both frameworks need to be loaded?

  9. Aaron N. Says:

    Oh, this is just because of the prettify plugin that Bootstraps docs use. I didn’t go through the trouble of replacing it.